Published Reviews

"Kravchak's playing revealed a real beauty of tone, not monolithic, but always changing in color and intensity.  Coupled with eloquent playing by the orchestra's strings, the result was one of sheer beauty of sound." Lowell Dorman, Dubuque Telegraph Herald

"English Horn player Richard Kravchak gave the evening its sweetest, most wistful moments in the symphony's second movement as he returned again and again with the melody that's become the song Going Home." Ann Graduvogl, Sioux Falls Argus Leader.

"Oboist Richard Kravchak, however, deserves special mention.  Kravchak, as he has been so often in past concerts, was simply superb.  He makes even the most difficult lines seem almost effortless." Jeffrey Pappas, Dubuque Telegraph Herald.

"Most notable was the superb playing of oboist/English hornist Richard Kravchak.  He consistently makes beautiful music." Jeffrey Pappas, Dubuque Telegraph Herald.

"Kravchak made agile trills, runs, and a good case for his virtuosity." Mark Stevens, The Florida Flambeau.

"The overall success of this performance was due in no small part to the contribution of the symphony's principal oboist, Richard Kravchak, not only for his own playing, but for the leadership he gave the entire wind section ..." Lowell Dorman, Dubuque Telegraph Herald.

"The Andantino opened with a fine oboe solo by Richard Kravchak, who has a pleasing tone and plays with sensitive expression." Julie Jensen-McDonald, Dubuque Telegraph Herald. 

"Especially noteworthy was solo work by principal oboe Richard Kravchak, who also doubled on English horn in the graceful melodies of the third movement." Arlene Goter, Dubuque Telegraph Herald.

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